Housing estates and houses in the suburbs have become more accessible

Management Company Ltd. “Capital Structure of Company” and the majority of buyers believe that a better life in organized cottage poselkah. Kakie same trends in the market today, organized by the cottage communities? Not long ago, towns were available only to rich people. Cottage settlements were usually corporate. About two years ago, the mass stroitelstvoOtrasl material production, in which major funds and non-productive: ready-to-use buildings, structures and their complexes. Cottages in the suburbs. And now for the life of the city is compared primarily with life in an organized cottage. 90% of demand in the country market – this is the demand for cottage settlements and cottages in a cottage poselkah. Tseny the land and construction costs are rising. But with land going and pleasant process. Given the increasingly competitive investors reduce the price of the vacation home., Is now profitable to quickly implement a project to build villa community, to quickly run sleduyuschiy.Takzhe, being developed land more distant from Moscow, and thus cheaper. The priority areas are still Novorizhskoe, Volokolamskoe highway, but the thirty-kilometer highway Pyatnitskoye zone is no longer a psychological barrier for the organization of cottage settlements. There are towns that are located at a distance of 50-55 kilometers, and they demanded in the market with small suburban domami. Lyudi who are not ready to go every day from the suburbs to work for thirty to fifty miles from Moscow to buy houses at a considerable distance. They want to have a good vacation home. The house, which can come at any time of the year, depending on the mood of the situation. Homes in remote villages to buy the cottage and the people who are not able to pay more than 200-300 thousand, or find it nerazumnym. Esli talk about buying a country house finished, you need to understand that someone has already put money into it, took it upon himself let and a small, but still a risk. In the end, ready to kottedzhKottedzh – Vacation individual one-or two-storey house with a backyard. Costs the buyer more than the purchase of land with a contract for construction. But people who are ready to buy a ready-made cottage, of course, saves energy and nerves. There are some buyers who perceive a country house as one of the few opportunities to realize themselves. For these people, cottage villages with a single style and a limited number of projects are not подходят. ПерспективаПерспектива – a system of three-dimensional images on two-dimensional plane in accordance with human visual perception. In architectural perspective drawings used to build the illusion of space. Directions for the further construction of cottage settlements. Direction, which already has a very powerful infrastructure for a comfortable suburban life – is Novorizhskoe. On demand is a leader in the rural property Novorizhskoye direction. Increasing popularity of Kaluga areas where there are still vacancies for the building. Development occurs in the northern areas of Gaza from the Dmitrovsky highway to Yaroslavl.

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